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About Us

CD Cargo Velim Arvin Meritor Delphi Plasty Karsit
John Hair

John Hair experience went through several companies in automotive industry like ArvinMeritor, Delphi, etc. (see CV) and different management position in several countries like Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republic. Even so young for his experience and attitude is asked to speak on international automotive conferences and is a member of Senior Management Council of Gerson Lehrman Group. The consulting was created on the basis of requests from many Purchase Managers of TIER I., II. suppliers in automotive industry (from France, Spain, Portugal, Germany , Czech and Slovak Republic). Even they have got their offices and colleagues in Czech Republic they are asking to help them with Global Sourcing on the field of CEE aspecially Czech and Slovak Republic due to the excellent knowledge of the market, proffesional approach, independence, relationship and familiarities with strong, weak and risk side of the potencial suppliers. Later on was the servises spread to management consulting for small and midsize companies in the region focused mainly on automotive and electronics assembly plants to help them reach the requested standards by putting in life lean management, kaizen, continuous Improvement, training people, etc. As a main target is to improve their systems and proccesses. That means increase productivity, focus on added value in the proccess, improve quality level by lower external and internal PPM, decrease logistic costs and inventory level, help with quotation with suppliers and customers, look for new finance resources, etc. If the client agree and want to do signifiant change for the company or in the management staff the direct management responsibility is offered. Also if you need to solve emergency problem immediatelly you can call and send us directly on the place instead of your team or before you set up your team. You will obtain exact information from that place urgently and that help you to do right decission and save you money and name. By knowing the market, meeting people, visiting plants – create chance and opportunities for business, cooperation, investment, merge and aquisition. During the stay in companies is necesseary from time to time train people to change their mind and style of thinking that is why the training is also provided.

There is team of expierence people mainly from automotive industry working on external base that are putting together on exact project. That means production, logistics, quality, engineering and SQE managers from companies like Delphi, ArvinMeritor, Scania, Karsit, Fehrer, etc.

Our value and vision is to provide professional services, bring new and creative solution, be proactive and very flexible, create value for our customer, we are result oriented and always tell the truth.

On the pictures you can see plants where Mr. Hair ( Vlasak ) was in TOP Management. On first is ArvinMeritor, Mlada Boleslav, 2 - Delphi Packard Electric Systems, Ceska Lipa, 3 - Plasty Roubaix SAS, France, 4 - Karsit, Jaromer.

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